“Lindude äratamine” (“Waking the Birds”)

The Finno-Ugric mystery “Waking the Birds” is a journey into the traditions, rituals and spells of various Sugri people. The old folk songs recorded to the music of Veljo Tormis tell about the eternal journey of the tribes – the creation of the world, the waiting for the ancestors’ souls, the struggle of getting married – with their joys and sorrows, births and deaths, pelts and tusks… going through both the sugrian’s life cycle and the annual cycle in relation to nature, where the forest listens, the bear remembers, where our departed ancestors return with migratory birds.

Design: Martin Pedanik
Sound, mastering: Haar Tammik
Sound effects (on vinyl record): Lauri Kaldoja
Recorded: June 2022, in Viimsi, Estonia

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“Ajasillal” (“On the Bridge of Time”)

The album “On the Bridge of Time” consists of songs composed between 1905 and 2007. Learning and performing them has been both a historical and a cultural journey for the singers, as each song has touched in its own special way. The album brings together music by beloved Estonian composers that incidentally also became a journey from the joys of youth to the reflections of twilight years.

Design: Indrek Ilves
Sound, mastering: Haar Tammik
Recorded: August 2018 and January 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia

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“Esimene maasikas” (“First Strawberry”)

“First Strawberry” on Noorte Segakoori Vox Populi esimene päris oma plaat, kus kõlavad meile armsaks saanud laulud Jazzipäkapiku kontserdilt. Vox Populi õitseb oma elukevades, pidevalt kasvades ja küpsedes… nii nagu esimene maasikas ja ehk mõned meie lauludki…

“First Strawberry” is the first album of Mixed Choirt Vox Populi, featuring the beloved songs from the concert called Jazzipäkapikk (Jazz Elf). Vox Populi blooms in the spring of its life, constantly growing and maturing… just like the first strawberry and maybe some of our songs too…

Design: Janika Leisalu
Sound: Franck Reisner ja Andrus Muuga
Mastering: Koit Saarmäe Matrix Studio OÜ

Recorded: March-April 2013